Complaints Management Training at Makati

It was indeed a productive event yesterday as we went to Makati for a training that contributed well to me as an HR practitioner. We attended the Complaints Management Training at the I'M Hotel at Makati coordinated by the Spartan Allied Services or SAS Management. Before we proceed to the sharing of what I've learned... Continue Reading →


Good News: I Got A New Earphone

And I’m back again! I had so many thoughts right now that I don’t know what to do and how to start with. So for this entry, I want to talk about the stuff that is close to my heart that I had bought recently. I GOT A NEW EARPHONE!! Well if you read my... Continue Reading →

Happy Choose-Day (Tuesday)

I just don't want to end my Tuesday with no entry on my blog because early in the morning as I woke up, I got the feeling and the urgency to write something. I've been clinging to this Chinese Drama series entitled "Addicted Heroin" that I watched last weekend. Up until now, I can't move... Continue Reading →

Magical Adventure at Enchanted Kingdom

Nothing stopped us yesterday as we indulged ourselves for some magical action and adventure at the Enchanted Kingdom. Even the bad weather had no say to our excitement 'CAUSE IT'S OUR FIRST TIME, although in the end, we ended like basang sisiw. It's Ate Jera's birthday and as everybody knows, a birthday celebrant gets a free... Continue Reading →

#GGSS – Gwapong Gwapo Sa Sarili Moments

#LazyNightOfAComplicatedWriter ang peg ko tonight. Dahil matagal na akong nakapagpagupit pero ngayon ko pa lang natapos ang entry na’to. As what the title says, #GGSS ako ngayong gabi and I feel awesome again ‘cause I got a new haircut. I do appreciate my looks tonight dahil mahigit 2 months akong di nakapagpagupit sapagkat walang oras... Continue Reading →

Sunday Mood: Bed Weather

You read it right. Wala akong ginawa maghapon kundi matulog at manuod sa phone at laptop due to bad weather. There’s a new typhoon na parating sa Philippines and I pray for the safeness of everyone. Anyway, I lost track of time that I didn’t realize its half of the year 2018 na, and there’s... Continue Reading →

Throwback: My Puerto Galera Adventures

We’re on a break because its holiday here in Laguna. Happy Birthday Dr. Jose Rizal, our beloved hero of all time. I’m in the staff house right now bored and got nothing to do. Nothing on my mind to write and I’m feeling exhausted to create some awful and mga-mema-at-nakakaewang post. So I decided to do a […]

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